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Meal Planning Tips for Celiacs

Commit to eating well and staying gluten free with these Meal Planning Tips for Celiacs.

Work Together

Know household favourite meals and dishes everyone is keen to try and help create. Have everyone work together planning, preparing and enjoying!

Research Recipes

Intentionally insert dishes made with naturally gluten free ingredients including, vegetables, fruits, meats and healthy grains. There are an abundance of gluten free recipes offering easy, quick and delicious meals!

Make Meal Planning Exciting

Try out Meatless Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, or Favourite Fridays so your family has meal traditions to look forward to.

This also helps make meal planning easier to predict too. 

Start Small

Whipping up dinners good for 2 to 3 days a week should be a good place to begin with gluten free meal prep at home.

No Time? No Problem!

Dedicate days & time for meal prep.

Identify the day & time for planning the menu, shopping for ingredients, preparing and for cooking. 

Stock Up!

Stock up on staple gluten free ingredients. This makes food shopping less frequent and a lot cheaper too. Take advantage of shopping online for gluten free too!

Automate Breakfast

Overnight gluten free oats, cereals, fruits, and granola are no-stress breakfast ideas you can incorporate on a daily basis. The easier the breakfast is to prepare, the better!

Containers & Storage

Get containers that have the proper serving size, giving full control of portion servings. Keep food by portion size while following proper storage to prevent cross contamination and spoilage.

Maintain the Habits

The secret sauce of healthier food choices is in meal planning. Get into the habit and enjoy the journey of preparing your own gluten free meals.

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