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Who is Gluten Free Journey?

It is time to learn about who we are and how our Gluten Free Journey began!

After many years of health struggles, endless questions unanswered and a deep frustration of the unknown, we finally received our answer – Celiac Disease. If you’ve ever gone through the struggle of learning you are gluten intolerant, you will understand this journey we’ve endured.

Everyone’s journey is different, and we are ready to share our real life journey with you. After many days and hours spent searching for simple Celiac friendly resources to help us along with our journey to becoming gluten free, we quickly discovered there was a lack of easily found information available. After a few conversations with friends and family, the decision was made to begin our journey through Celiac Disease with you.

Our Celiac Disease Diagnosis Journey

Follow the path of living gluten free with our family and the many experiences, struggles and foods along the way. Get to know us more personally below!

The Celiac

Christine is a full time Dealer Success Manager, a digital advertising agency within the Automotive Sales & Marketing sector. She has worked within the digital marketing field since 2006, working from the comfort of her home since the start, while also being a fulltime parent. With her background in digital marketing, beginning this was obviously a simple decision.

Within her home, she is the only person diagnosed with Celiac Diseasesince October 21, 2017.

Who is Christine?

Christine is a Mom, entrepreneur/workaholic, daydreamer, kitchen queen, video game impersonator and a massive DC/Marvel/Friends/Cats fan.

Throughout Gluten Free Journey, Christine will share a wide variety of Gluten Free & Celiac based information, news, recipes and reviews surrounding her gluten-free lifestyle. 

Her biggest goal of this journey, to make going gluten free easier for everyone!