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Discover Gluten Free Ramen Instant Noodles

Discover if there is a gluten free version of ramen noodles! With many traditional noodles not being gluten-free, finding gluten-free ramen alternatives may feel difficult. As popularity continues to grow, finding in your local grocery store in the global or international food aisle is easier.

What is Ramen?

A traditional noodle dish originating in Japan, consisting of thin wheat noodles served in a meat broth, with a variety of toppings including pork, eggs, seaweed, mushrooms, fish cakes and green onions.

This Japanese inspired noodle soup offers a savoury broth, often made with soy sauce or miso, which both can be hidden sources of gluten.  Common alternatives are made from rice, potato, millet, or other gluten-free flours, there are plenty of gluten free options as well as a number of alternatives that you can use.

Is Ramen Gluten Free?

A traditional ramen noodle dish will not commonly be gluten free. This includes those made in restaurants, unless it is a gluten free restaurant of course.

The noodles used traditionally are made using wheat flour. The miso broth generally contains gluten as well, using soy sauces made from wheat.

Find gluten-free alternatives made from rice, potato, millet, or other gluten-free flours online or in the specialty & health food aisles at your local grocery stores.

It is important to always double check ingredients to be sure you buy ramen noodles labeled gluten free, preferably certified gluten free.

What Brands of Ramen are Gluten Free?

The selection of Gluten Free brands available on the market is growing! The following selection of available gluten free ramen brands provide all the flavours you’ve missed, without the gluten.

There are not too many gluten free alternatives, but the options us Celiacs have, has improved immensely. These are some of the more popular gluten free options available, that we too love to make in our gluten free kitchen!

Popular Gluten Free Ramen Noodle Alternatives

Be ready to enjoy a dish you didn’t realize you missed once you have your gluten-free noodles and broth on hand. Easily cook a gluten-free version at home for the whole family. Don’t forget to add your choice of toppings and eat the dish piping hot!