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Gluten Free Locations

Searching for gluten free restaurants? Gluten Free Journey offers an ever growing list of restaurants, bakeries & fast food options!

Struggling to find Gluten Free Restaurants near you? Depending on where you live, there are many options with Gluten Free menus all across Canada, in some of the largest cities and even some of the smallest villages.

Find Gluten Free Restaurants Near You

Find gluten free restaurants & bakeries near you! This has become easier in recent years with more gluten free locations popping up all across the globe. 

Use the available search feature below to find locations near you.

All you have to do is search “Gluten Free Restaurants Near Me” or “Gluten Free Bakeries Near Me” and geocaching will source relevant location options near you. (Enhanced by Google for your added safety!)

Submit Gluten Free Locations

Whether you’re the owner/employee of a gluten free location or an avid fan of a gluten free restaurant, bakery or fast food joint, we want to hear from you! 

The more Celiac friendly locations we share from all across the globe, the better! 

There is no cost for adding listings on our Gluten Free Restaurants Directory. However, not all locations will be approved if cross contamination or proper gluten free protocols are not in place. 

Gluten Free Locations Directory Listings

Watch for new Gluten Free locations to be added to our directory listings regularly. Submissions are reviewed as received by the Gluten Free community!

**It is very important that you double check with the location specifically that they are completely aware of the cross-contamination issues involved when preparing gluten-free food.

Please ask all appropriate questions when visiting any restaurant or bakery offering gluten free food.