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Searching for gluten free Valentine’s Day recipes, treats and gifts? You’re in the right spot!

The stores are filling up with red, white & pink, with endless heart chocolates which only means Valentine’s Day is coming. The season of love and romance, and a whole lot of chocolate with a side of gluten.

Don’t fear that chocolate-loving, romantic food, heart-shaped time of year as a Celiac any longer. Yes, it can be done gluten free without minimizing the romance! Having Celiac Disease during any holiday can be a little extra worrisome, but it is possible to have some romancy fun while staying true to your gluten free diet. 

Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Recipe Ideas

We know one of the most popular things people do for Valentine’s Day is enjoy going out for a delicious dinner. For some, this is more stressful than enjoyable, especially being that we aren’t the most trusting of others when it comes to preparing our foods. 

Switch it up this year and surprise your spouse by staying in for a homemade gluten-free dinner that screams romance, made by you!

When thinking of what to have on your menu, the options are truly inspiring. Being gluten free doesn’t mean you’re restricted on having a romantic dinner menu, especially if you have any skill in the kitchen. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without ending it all off with a delicious dessert. Have some fun with your Valentine’s Day dessert recipes too.

Try these popular Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Recipes are great for everyone with Celiac Disease! There are just so many options out there that we had to share a few gluten free favourites!

Gluten Free Lasagna Recipe with Pre-Made Lasagne Noodles

Gluten Free Lasagna Recipe
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There is no need to precook the gluten-free lasagne noodles in this recipe. All you need to do is assemble this super easy gluten free lasagna recipe and enjoy a hearty, family-pleasing dinner the whole family will love.
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Gluten Free Baked Feta Pasta

Gluten Free Baked Feta Pasta
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Originally a TikTok viral recipe, that has been made into a Gluten Free dinner idea! Enjoy this delicious Gluten Free Baked Feta Pasta recipe too with your favourite pasta noodles!
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Classic Chocolate Cake | Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe in Five Ways!

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe Idea
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Searching for that simple to make, delicious classic chocolate cake, but without the gluten? This gluten free chocolate cake recipe is exactly what you're hoping for!
Baking this perfectly chocolatey cake from scratch is easier than you think – give it a try today.
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Strawberry and Whipped Cream Cake

strawberry whipped cream cake
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This easy gluten free cake is jam packed with juicy fresh strawberries and whipped cream. It is as beautiful as it is delicious, while being super easy to make too. Make this gluten free strawberry dessert recipe your new family favourite!
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Gluten Free Chocolate List for Valentine’s Day

Remember to always review product packaging before consuming any chocolates. This list should be used as a guide and it does not include all gluten free chocolates that may be available. Please contact us to suggest additional gluten free chocolate options.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Celiac Disease

Ready to find that perfect Gluten Free Gift? It is easier than you think, if you get a little creative along the way. Spoil that special someone with ease with these lovely gift ideas picked for and by a Celiac.

Gluten Free Socks

These comfortable and stylish socks make the perfect personalized gluten free Valentine’s Day gift

Ideas to plan or choose the perfect gluten free Valentine’s Day this year! {Digital Download}

A waterproof sticker perfect for that gluten loving, but not gluten eating Valentine. Waterproof and printed on premium vinyl. This is a must have Valentine’s Day sticker!