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Gluten Free Holidays

Preparing for an upcoming holiday or event? Looking for tips and tricks to help a Celiac in your life? Our Gluten Free Holidays section is what you’re searching for!

Surviving any holiday activity is going to be difficult for anyone with dietary restrictions. This is especially true for those with Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance. This section is designed to help ease holiday stress on Celiacs, and provide support during a variety of holidays throughout the year! Whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, a birthday or Halloween. Gluten Free Holidays all need extra care and caution.

Gluten Free Halloween Candy


Searching for Gluten Free Halloween Candies and Recipes? Gluten Free Journey shares gluten free Halloween candy list and recipes for Celiacs!

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Gluten Free Easter

Searching for gluten free easter recipes, chocolates, candies and gift ideas? Gluten Free Journey has everything Gluten Free Easter for Celiacs!

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