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Are IHOP Gluten Friendly Pancakes Safe for Celiacs?

When we began seeing people sharing that IHOP has “gluten-friendly” pancakes again… our hearts sank. 

Gluten Free Journey wants everyone to remember the realities of cross contamination!

IHOP Gluten Friendly Pancakes are NOT safe for Celiacs.

How and where your food is prepared is super important. This stuff matters Celiacs. Your LIFE depends on it.

Finding the hidden gluten is hard enough. Add on misleading menus, staying safe as a Celiac can be confusing even for the skilled.

These IHOP pancakes are in no way safe for ANYONE requiring a strict gluten free diet. Yes, that means you Celiacs. Always know the steps taken to keep you safe, including how your food is prepared, cooked and handled!

Same griddle means that IHOP gluten friendly pancakes not safe for Celiacs.

Even though IHOP pancakes are off the breakfast menu, that doesn’t mean pancakes have to be!

Try this Gluten Free Sheet Pan Pancakes Recipe that is easily customized for a big family or give the ever popular Krusteaz Gluten Free Light & Fluffy Buttermilk Pancake Mix a try!

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  1. I recently stopped at a IHOP (5/13/23) in Florence, North Carolina. As I was ordering the waitress suggested gluten free waffles, obviously the order must have been mixed with another waffle order because I became so violently ill for approximately 3 hours with vomiting & diarrhea, I almost had to call 911. This was more than cross contamination, it was a human error in not verifying order before serving. Thank you for listening, so many people have no idea what it is to be glutened.

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