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Gluten Free Easter

Recipes, Chocolates, Candies & Gift Ideas for Celiacs

Searching for Gluten Free Easter Recipes, chocolates, treats, gifts and more? You’ve come to the right spot!

This collection of Easter everything is not only gluten-free, it also includes several Paleo, low carb, Keto friendly options too!

Don’t fear bunny rabbit-shaped chocolate lovers, Celiac’s don’t need to run from the festivities any longer.

Yes, it CAN be done gluten free without minimizing the fun! Having Celiac Disease during any holiday can be a little extra worrisome, but it is possible to have some hoppin’ fun while staying true to your gluten free diet. 

We know one of the most popular things people do for Easter is enjoying a delicious family dinner. For some, this is more stressful than enjoyable, especially being that we aren’t the most trusting of others when it comes to preparing our foods. 

Switch it up this year and surprise your family with a homemade gluten-free dinner that screams Easter, made by you!

When thinking of what to have on your menu, the options are truly inspiring. Being gluten free doesn’t mean you’re restricted on having a festive dinner menu, especially if you have any skill in the kitchen. It wouldn’t be Easter without ending it all off with a delicious dessert. Have some fun with your dessert recipes too.

Gluten Free Easter Recipes

We did some hunting and found these popular Gluten Free Easter Recipe ideas great for everyone on their Gluten Free Journey. There are just so many options out there that we had to share a few favourites from like-minded gluten free foodies out there!

Don’t forget to search “Gluten Free Easter Recipes” online and you’ll find hundreds of gluten free recipes specific to Easter holidays. 

Start Easter morning with a special gluten-free breakfast, Gluten Free Sheet Pan Pancakes.

This gluten-free breakfast recipe is perfect for Easter brunch! Simply pop it into the oven and continue with your Easter morning.

Deviled Eggs with Bacon are really the ultimate deviled eggs, and a must have Easter Appetizer!

This Deviled Eggs Recipe from Cathy’s Gluten Free are made creamy and healthier with avocado. And, who doesn’t love bacon! All this, and yet they only take five ingredients to make!

These gluten free hot cross buns are just the thing for a special Easter celebration.  Have you ever had a gluten free hot cross bun that’s so close to those with gluten that people are in disbelief when you tell them they are actually gluten-free?! Well these are those buns.

Spiral-cut ham is perfect for Easter – it’s so easy to prepare and serve. 

Ditch the glaze packet that comes with the ham and make your own sweet and spicy glaze.

This dish looks pretty served with grilled pineapple slices alongside – an updated version of the pineapple-studded hams our mothers liked to serve.

Enjoy an easy to make, healthy gluten free Easter dessert with this Gluten Free Apple Peach Crumble recipe.

This will become a gluten free family favourite, even when it isn’t a holiday. Don’t tell them it’s gluten free, they won’t know the difference. 

Gluten Free Easter Chocolates

Have no fear, gluten free Easter Chocolates are here! All kidding aside, there are a great selection of chocolates & treats available to fill up those baskets to the top.

Shop Easter Gift Ideas

We know how important it is for kids with Celiac Disease to feel included too, and we hope these Easter gift options we’ve found help!

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