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Merry Christmas from Gluten Free Journey

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Gluten Free Christmas

Enjoying the Holidays Without Wheat

People commonly ask us, can you have Christmas without wheat? Can you honestly enjoy a gluten free Christmas? Yes, yes you can!

Family gatherings are generally built around food, making this time of year especially feel like a minefield for people with Celiac Disease.

However, you can absolutely enjoy having a Gluten Free Christmas, whether a small or large gathering.

When people think about Christmas, if food is not the first thing that jumps to mind, it is likely the second or third. Most instances, that holiday food contains wheat, rye or barley, the off limit glutens to those who need to eat gluten free.

Even more often, these foods are apart of special activities, a once a year activity, and are not gluten free. Now Christmas becomes a “social burden”. 

Let us help guide you through navigating the Christmas holidays with helpful tips, information, recipes & products!

Tips for a Safe & Happy
Gluten Free Christmas

It all begins with you.

You are either going to end up with an empty plate or you are going to eat some gluten and get sick if you don’t take ownership for your health at the holidays.

It is important to be polite and to recognize that your host is probably trying hard, but you need to give them a chance. This is not their every day.

Plan ahead and be proactive.

Gluten free is NOT easy to create at the last minute, especially in a non-gluten free space. Call in advance to discuss the menu and dietary needs, offer recipes, ingredients or suggestions for keeping things gluten free. 

Feeling pushy? This is one of your medical treatments that you need to do, even at the holidays. Your life depends on it.

Refuse the food, it’s okay.

Again. It ALL begins with you. Stick to your guns. Be proactive.

Although Celiac Disease does not display an immediate reaction, untreated or partially treated celiac disease is a life-shortening condition and you have to make that very clear.

We can NEVER, ever take a day off our gluten free diets.

Start new, gluten free traditions.

Don’t use the holiday as an excuse for cheating, but instead as an excuse for creating new, gluten free traditions!

Christmas isn’t ONLY about the food at the table. You CAN have a great holiday without Grandma’s glutenous sugar cookies.

It ALL begins with you.

Gluten Free Christmas
Grocery Shopping List

From gluten free cookie swaps, Christmas Eve appetizers, Christmas morning brunch, a fabulous dinner and all the occasions in between, we know you don’t want to forget a single thing!

We’ve got a list to help you cook up the perfect Gluten Free Christmas from start to finish.

To build this Christmas shopping list, we’ve compiled all the basic ingredients you need to host your gluten free holiday, from coffee to dessert.

Don’t forget to jot down a few of those extra ingredients that make your Gluten Free Christmas recipes uniquely yours, too!

  • Must Haves for a Gluten Free Christmas

    Butter - Eggs - Milk - Eggnog - Cheese (shredded/block) - Spices + Salt & Pepper - Sugar (white, brown & powdered) - Vegetables of all varieties *these items are needed in many areas, buy large quantities - fresh is best when able!

  • Christmas Cookies

    Gluten Free Flours - Sugar - Vanilla Extract - Powdered Sugar - Food Colouring - Baking Soda - Baking Powder

  • Christmas Brunch

    Gluten Free Bread - Fruit - Bacon/Sausage/Peamale Ham - Coffee (of course)

  • Christmas Appetizers

    Gluten Free Crackers - Shrimp + Sauce - Chips + Dips - Fresh Fruit - Fresh Vegetables

  • Christmas Dinner

    Gluten Free Buns - Potatoes - Cream/Yoghurt - Turkey/Ham - Gluten Free Gravy - Cornstarch - Whole/Canned Cranberries - Orange Juice

[pdf id=8493]

Creating & Hosting for
Gluten Free Guests

It is no longer simply religious or ethical issues at the dinner table with the ever increasing number of food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Making dinner great for everyone can seem like a daunting task, but one that is possible. 

Tips for Creating a Celiac Friendly Gluten Free Dinner Party 


A quick email or phone call before the dinner menu is set can help make dinner great for everyone.

Keep it Simple

Use very few ingredients - meat, vegetables, fruits and some spices are likely to be naturally gluten free.

Read Labels

Be cautious about what is served and how it is manufactured or prepared - gluten hides in a lot of random places.

Some Assembly Required

Let your guests assemble their plates themselves. This allows for added comfort.

Don't Take Rejections Personally

Celiacs do this dietary need daily and may have had bad experiences with foods before.

Cross Contamination MATTERS

Wash all pans, knives, measuring utensils, containers, or cutting boards before use.

** review our Hidden Gluten List for more understanding on finding the hidden gluten in products.

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Christmas Recipes

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