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Miracle Noodle Mini Variety Sampler Pack

The Miracle Noodle Mini Variety Sampler is the perfect way to get a good introduction to what Miracle Noodle has to offer!

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The Mini Variety Sampler lets you enjoy spaghetti again, with only 1g net carbs and 5 calories.

Each Miracle Noodle Mini Variety Sampler bundle contains one each of Fettuccine, Organic Spaghetti, Hearts of Palm Ready-to-Eat Spaghetti, Love My Rice, Ready-to-Eat Japanese Curry and Ready To Eat Rice. In other words, it comes with everything you need to whip up a huge variety of dishes, from delicious Italian favorites to stir-fry, Pad Thai and more.

Mini Variety Sampler includes: 1 Fettuccine, 1 Organic Spaghetti, 1 Hearts of Palm Ready-to-Eat Spaghetti, 1 Love My Rice, 1 Ready-to-Eat Japanese Curry and 1 Ready To Eat Rice

  • Low Carb – Only 1g net carb for serving
  • Grain Free – Made from the Konjac plant eaten in Asia for over 1,000 years
  • Recipe Ready – The perfect healthier carrier for your favorite sauce or ours.
  • Prebiotic – Made from a soluble fiber that feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut

What Others Have to Say About Variety Sampler Packs…

This Sampler was the best. The Food that was included was delicious. Especially the Pad Tai. The quality was fresh and packaged nicely, Cooking was simple as well.

This product is almost too good to be true! My family loves the taste of everything in the sampler. Prep is so easy. I purchased for low carb alternatives but will keep purchasing for the variety and flavor!

I recently went on a keto diet so carbs are a no no for me. I was missing pasta and rice so I tried the Miracle Noodle variety pack. So far I’ve tried the angel hair and the rice. I seasoned both and added some butter or oil to them and they are fantastic! I don’t feel as deprived anymore of the carbs I loved before. This is such a healthier alternative I’ve been looking for!

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