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Gluten Free Stamped Wax Seal Stickers

Elevate the charm of your gluten free gifts and presents with these exquisite Stamped Gluten Free Wax Seal Stickers, each imbued with a genuinely unique and personalized essence.

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Whether you’re sealing envelopes, adorning gift boxes filled with gluten free treats, or enhancing a bottle of wine or candle, these enchanting wax seal stickers are the perfect way to infuse a personal gluten free touch. Designed for those seeking elegance without compromising time or budget, these Gluten Free Stamped Wax Seal Stickers offer the same refined allure as traditional seals but without the effort. Choose from a selection of the best colours for a unique & custom, handmade piece.

Gluten Free Stamped Wax Seal Sticker Sheets – 1″ & 1.25″ Diameters

Each sticker comes with an adhesive backing for easy peel-n-stick application. Each seal is individually hand made. While size can vary slightly, each are approximately 1″ or 1.25″ in diameters dependent on selection.

  • Size – 1″ Diameter or 1.25″ Diameter
  • Peel-n-Stick back for easy use.
  • Flexible genuine wax
  • Beautiful bright colours
  • 10 colour choices
  • Perfect to dress up your invitation


Add the finishing touch to your papercrafts by sealing envelopes with these Gluten Free Stamped Wax Sticker Seals. Adorable and so easy to use, and prevent having to sit and heat up wax and stamp each individual envelope.

These are perfect for gluten free wedding invites, you can use these faux wax seals, which are recommended to enclose inner envelopes only. Place an outer envelope over the faux wax sealed envelope to protect your wedding invitation, response card and response card envelope inside. This will prevent the postal items from getting caught in a postal machine.

Experience the beauty of gluten free wax seal stickers without any of the mess. Get a set of our convenient gluten free stamped wax seal stickers, a design that coordinates seamlessly for Celiacs, created by a Celiac!


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