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Discover Gluten Free Stickers

Choose from standard gluten free stickers, waterproof kiss-cut stickers, or adhesive labels from this growing selection of Gluten Free & Celiac Disease Awareness based options.

Beyond traditional uses, they can also be given out as kids’ party favours or as rewards for teachers, coaches and parents to use to recognize good work. These custom cut decals are great for displaying your Gluten Free Journey on laptops or binders!

Choose your favourite designs and turn them into custom creations on everything you own.

Great places for Gluten Free Stickers:

Laptops – Phones – Tablets – Binders – Notebooks – Journals – Lockers – Water bottles

Traditional stickers for Celiacs are used in many different forms for many different reasons! Include a sticker in your wedding invitation suite to really upgrade your invitations. Add a sticker to a birthday card to make it extra special. You can never go wrong with having too many Celiac Disease awareness stickers!

Great uses for Gluten Free Stickers:

Envelope seals – Business logo promotions – Happy birthday stickers for birthday cards – Scrapbooking – DIY projects

Gluten Free Bumper Stickers are traditionally used for placing on the bumper of your car. However, another fun alternative use could be for binders and laptops if you’re looking for a bigger sticker to take up more surface area!

Has your child ever lost a coat, backpack or lunchbox at school or daycare? We have Gluten Free sticker labels that are made to keep your kids’ items accounted for so they return home. You can iron these labels onto clothing or you can stick them on a lunch box or binder with their name and contact information in case they ever go missing.

Multipurpose gluten free labels are designed to be placed on everything you own! From food storage containers to water bottles and pencil cases, these labels are waterproof, weatherproof and laundry safe!

Each gluten free sticker label is incredibly strong and will not tear or scuff during use.


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