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Catelli Gluten Free Pasta

With a taste that’s just as delicious as regular white pasta, Catelli Gluten Free Pasta is made with a unique 4-grain blend of white rice, brown rice, corn and quinoa.



Catelli Gluten Free Pasta is made without preservatives, so that you can eat gluten-free, compromise-free.

Each of the Gluten Free Pasta options are made with all-natural ingredients. Create quick and easy gluten free pasta dishes. Catelli Gluten Free Pasta goes great with alfredo and many other pasta sauces and enjoy gluten free pasta again without the unwanted gummy, tasteless texture.

From humble hand-made macaroni and vermicelli crafted in Canada’s first pasta plant, to a wide selection of healthy and nutrient-rich pasta made and sold today, Catelli has been tableside with Canadian families since the creation of Canada in 1867. For over 150 years, Catelli has grown from a small operation to include a full range of pasta shapes and varieties to suit the evolving needs and tastes of Canadian families.

Today, the tradition continues with Catelli producing some of the world’s best and most innovative pastas suited to both traditional and contemporary recipes and enjoyed by Canadian families everywhere.

Catelli Gluten Free Pasta Noodle Options

There is a growing selection of Catelli Gluten Free Pasta noodle options for all styles of gluten free recipes.

Looking to add a nutritious twist to pasta night? Catelli’s got you covered! Whether you need a long, short or baking pasta, there is a Catelli Gluten Free Pasta for you.

Long Pasta Noodles

  • Gluten Free Spaghetti
  • Gluten Free Linguine


Short Pasta Noodles

  • Gluten Free Macaroni
  • Gluten Free Penne Rigate
  • Gluten Free Fusilli


Baking Pasta Noodles

  • Gluten Free Lasagne


You’ll never run out of ways to love gluten free pasta. From big, broad noodles to kid-friendly macaroni, Catelli’s range of gluten free pastas will have everyone coming back for seconds. Make recipes you’ll love when you start with pasta you’ll enjoy.

Find your favourite gluten free pasta shape with Catelli Gluten Free Pasta!

White rice flour, Brown rice flour, Corn flour, Quinoa flour, Mono- and diglycerides

Catelli Gives Back with Project Hunger

Today, over 4 million Canadians are food insecure. What’s worse, is more than 1/3 of food bank users are kids. With Project Hunger, Catelli is helping to fight food insecurity across Canada. For every box of Catelli pasta purchased, an 85g serving (up to one million portions per calendar year) will be donated to food banks across Canada. Wherever you live, food banks need your help. Set aside a few hours for you and your family to sort and pack donated food items or serve a meal to others in need.


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