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Discover Gluten Free & Celiac Disease Based Biographies & Memoirs

Maintaining and living on a gluten-free diet can be very challenging. Receiving a Celiac Disease diagnosis is commonly a confusing one in the first few months. Not to worry! These gluten free and Celiac based biographies are here to help.

These biographies walk Celiacs through some very difficult times, providing a better understanding to the struggle that a Gluten Free Journey can bring, while giving some helpful advice for every journey of Celiac Disease.

This list is some of our favourite gluten free biographies that offer many different viewpoints, recipes and experiences others have endured.

Have a biography recommendation for us? Share it in the comments below! We are absolute bookworms.

Jennifer’s Way: My Journey with Celiac Disease

What Doctors Don’t Tell You and How You Can Learn to Live Again

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness estimates that as many as one in 133 Americans has celiac disease. Unfortunately, 83 percent of people who have this terrible disease are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed—suffering through years of pain and misunderstanding. Award-winning actress Jennifer Esposito was one of those 83 percent, receiving an accurate diagnosis only after decades of mysterious illnesses and myriad misdiagnoses.

Now Jennifer shares her riveting personal journey—from her earliest memories of her childhood in Brooklyn to her years as a young actress, all the while suffering from unexplained, devastating ailments. Jennifer’s struggle to finally receive an accurate diagnosis is one that anyone who has a chronic disease will share. But this is more than a story of suffering. It is the story of one woman’s valiant journey to take charge of her health and rebuild her life.

Not only will you learn from Jennifer’s personal story, the book also guides you through early diagnosis, sharing the steps that helped Jennifer heal. Plus, you’ll find recipes she uses at home, along with recipes for some of the delicious treats she offers at her own gluten-free bakery, Jennifer’s Way, in New York.

For anyone struggling with a chronic illness, Jennifer’s Way: My Journey with Celiac Disease is proof that you can find an answer to what is wrong with you, that you shouldn’t stop until you find it, and that you can learn how to truly live again.

Jennifer's Way

About the Author

Jennifer Esposito is the founder of The Jennifer’s Way Foundation for Celiac Education (JWF) and Jennifer’s Way gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, peanut-free, allergy-friendly, organic bakery in New York City.

As an actress, Jennifer has starred in more than twenty films, including the Oscar-winning Crash, and TV shows including Blue Bloods, Samantha Who?, and Spin City. She lives in New York and can be reached online via jennifersway.org and @JennifersWayJE.

From Crappy to Happy

The Naked Truth About Living with Celiac Disease

Learn to live (and strive) with celiac disease.

Are you frustrated that your body has not completely healed yet? You WILL heal. Are you struggling with the fact that you can never eat gluten again? You WILL come to terms with it. Do you dread going out to eat because of fear? You WILL enjoy meals out again. Do you feel like your life is consumed by this disease? You WILL learn to live with it. They say that life is not about what happens to you, but how you react to what happens to you. That, to me, is the key to adjusting to this insidious disease. You can let it beat you or you can fight it back. This book is all about taking the fight to celiac disease. And winning the battle.

So many in the celiac community continue to struggle (unnecessarily) after their diagnosis. They get their celiac diagnosis and the only instructions they receive from their doctor is “Don’t eat gluten” (thanks Doc). So they walk out of the doctor’s office a bit terrified of the new life in front of them, but feeling a bit relieved that “Hey…all I need to do is give up gluten and I’ll be fine.”

But dang…here I am, 8 years after my diagnosis, and all I can say is that’s just not the way it is. There is SO MUCH more to celiac disease than simply eating gluten-free. There is so much more we need to do to make sure we heal our body, our mind and our soul. This books explains it all.

In this book, I provide specific guidance for those newly diagnosed and who are pretty much scared s***less…cause we’ve all been there. I explain how eating “gluten-free” is not enough for our bodies to heal. I talk about the pitfalls and how-to’s of eating outside the comfort of your own home…and which spots to avoid even though they claim to be “gluten-free”. I talk about how having the right attitude is an absolute necessity when dealing with celiac. I delve into how celiac disease can affect your relationships and how to navigate the sticky situations. And yeah…I even throw some celebrity juice in there, the good and bad (and boy has there been bad.)

Now just sit back, get cozy, grab a gluten-free drink and we’ll take this crazy ride together. Trust me…you don’t want to go it alone.

From Crappy to Happy

About the Author

I’m somebody who’s been gluten-free since 2007 due to a diagnosis of celiac disease, where the doc said my numbers were “off the charts”. Someone who can steer you in the right direction when it comes to going gluten-free. And someone who will always give you the naked truth about going gluten free. I didn’t find freedom, a better life or any of that other crap when I got diagnosed.

With all due respect to Hunter S. Thompson, I found fear and loathing of an unknown world. But if I can share my wisdom, tell my stories and make the transition easier on you, I’ve done my job.

Gluten is my Bitch


Gluten Is My Bitch offers a brutally honest and hilarious take on the realities of living a gluten-free life. As the 18 million gluten-intolerants and 3 million celiac disease sufferers in the United States can attest, living gluten-free isn’t a lot of fun, but author April Peveteaux has at least managed to make it funny.

Described as the “Chelsea Handler of the gluten-free set,” April employs her unique sense of humor to provide the perfect guide to navigating a gluten-free life. In addition to her hysterical wisdom, she offers 40 gluten-free comfort food recipes that will make even the most frustrated gluten-intolerant smile with relief.

Gluten is my Bitch

About the Author

April Peveteaux is the creator and cook behind the popular blog Gluten Is My Bitch.

Before the one-two punch of moving to Los Angeles and being diagnosed with celiac disease, April worked as an editor and writer in New York for publications in print and online.

Most notably, April was part of the award-winning editing team of Babble. April has had numerous television appearances on NBC, CBS, and a much bragged-about role as an extra on Saturday Night Live!

Celiac and the Beast


This is a real-life, no-holds-barred account of being diagnosed and living life with celiac disease. This is told through a humorous perspective from an average gluten-free girl who hates to cook and has an obsession with baking chocolate chip cookies to combat stress.

This details the struggle through misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis, additional medical issues along with celiac disease, and a connection between her past life of disordered eating to her new medically restricted diet. However, this book also showcases the triumphs of living a gluten-free life – from meeting new friends, to living life with a purpose, and meeting the wheat-free man of her dreams.

About the Author

Erica, founder and head celiac in charge of Celiac and the Beast, started her blog because she felt like she had a new voice to bring to the gluten-free table and needed some celiac catharsis through writing.

With a background in marketing and market research and development (including the food and beverage industry), she’s always had a soft spot in her heart for packaged goods, marketing, and branding in the gluten-free food industry. It also helps that she’s a self-proclaimed terrible cook, so she relies on many gluten-free products to help her get through her day without burning down the kitchen.

She uses humor to get through her diagnosis and living gluten-free in a world full of wheat. She has partnered with her non-celiac significant other, who not only designs gluten-free themed merchandise for Celiac and the Beast, but is a key taste-tester for the brand.

In Memory of Bread

A Memoir

The funny, poignant memoir of one man’s struggle to come to terms with his celiac diagnosis, forcing him to reexamine his relationship with food.

When Paul Graham was suddenly diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of thirty-six, he was forced to say goodbye to traditional pasta, pizza, sandwiches, and more. Gone, too, were some of his favorite hobbies, including brewing beer with a buddy and gorging on his wife’s homemade breads. Struggling to understand why he and so many others had become allergic to wheat, barley, rye, oats, and other dietary staples, Graham researched the production of modern wheat and learned that not only has the grain been altered from ancestral varieties but it’s also commonly added to thousands of processed foods.

In writing that is effortless and engaging, Paul explores why incidence of the disease is on the rise while also grappling with an identity crisis—given that all his favorite pastimes involved wheat in some form. His honest, unflinching, and at times humorous journey towards health and acceptance makes an inspiring read.

About the Author

PAUL GRAHAM is an associate professor of English at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York and his essays have appeared twice in the Best Food Writing anthology (2012 and 2013). Graham lives with his wife and their German shepherd in rural New York on the Canadian border.

Coming UnGlutened

A Memoir on Going Against the Grain, Living Gluten-Free, & Regaining Good Health

Written with wry humor, and poignant prose, this is a unique memoir — one of the first ever written from the perspective of someone suffering from non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

When Delise Dickard was a little girl she began her first story: “Once upon a time…” She never imagined then that the main character in her first published book would be a protein composite called “gluten.” She never imagined her journey would bring her to interview world-renowned, scientific experts on the human gut. And once upon a time, she never thought she’d write a book that would find humor in her gastrointestinal malfunctions, her abdominal pain, her bloating, her foggy brain, and her chronic fatigue.

But here it is, a book that tells the truth about the real-life hurdles many people face trying to adopt a gluten free lifestyle. Whether you have celiac disease or are just very sensitive to gluten, her story will speak to you. She will make you cry with her, laugh with her, and maybe even double over in pain with her, but you will finish this book knowing so much more about this ever growing gluten-free craze.

Coming Unglutened by Delise Dickard

About the Author

Dr. Delise Dickard is the founder and clinical director of Riverside Counseling. After working in the Washington, D.C. office of a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, she worked as an administrator at Harvard University. She completed her doctorate in counseling psychology at the University of Sarasota and was also awarded a master’s degree in drama from Harvard. Dr. Dickard has written a mental health column called Mindset for “The Free Lance-Star” newspaper. A native of Louisiana, she lives in Virginia.

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