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Organic Nutritional Yeast from Prana


Prana’s tiny flakes of Organic Nutritional Yeast are a quick, handy way to create all types of seasonings.



This source of vitamin B is an inert yeast, which means it’s not used to make desserts or cookies rise. It dissolves readily, making it ideal to blend into marinades and sauces and can also be sprinkled on your salads, ­­pasta, popcorn or used as a substitute for bread crumbs.

Prana’s tiny flakes of beige-yellow Organic Nutritional Yeast are made from microscopic cultured mushrooms. Its taste is subtly reminiscent of cheese and hazelnut.­­­­

Add flavour to all your dishes by adding a little Organic Nutritional Yeast. Sprinkle it on your smoothies for nutritional benefits or add it to your salad dressing to give your salad a hint of cheese. It’s the ideal coating for tofu and gives it an irresistible taste.


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