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Oreo Gluten Free Sandwich Cookies, 1 Pack 376g

These Oreo Gluten Free chocolate wafer cookies are made with real cocoa and a blend of gluten free flour! OREO fans are celebrating this delightful, certified gluten free treat.

Featuring a resealable pack, it is perfect for snacking and sharing, whether you’re at home, school, the office, or on the go. OREO Gluten Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookies are a tasty new spin on the classic treat, and just as dunkable. The combo of chocolate wafer cookies and creme makes any moment or occasion a little bit sweeter.



A Taste of Nostalgia Resealable packs make it easy to share the iconic Oreo Gluten Free treat, and your cookies stay fresh until you’re ready to enjoy them! Delight friends at work or in the classroom, or put a sweet twist on party favours, goodie jars, or gift bags.

Certified GF OREO cookies are filled with smooth crème and taste like the original chocolate sandwich cookie you know and adore. These gluten free chocolate wafer cookies are made with real cocoa and a special blend of gluten free flour—and they’re ready for you to twist, lick, and dunk! Don’t forget to check out each cookie for their special “gluten free” print, on the COOKIE itself.

You never forget your OREO moment. Enjoy your own moment as a Celiac with the delicious Oreo gluten free cookies.

What Oreo cookies will be gluten-free?

There are two new gluten-free options available:

They are Kosher and Gluten Free Certified cookies. Each serving of cookies is 160 calories with zero trans fat.

Will they be available in Canada and the USA?

Yes, they are now available in Canada and the United States.

Back in November 2020, Oreo announced they are dropping a gluten free version of their classic cookie. The dream became a reality, hitting shelves in January 2021, and are guaranteed to be made with real cocoa and certified gluten free ingredients.

Where can you buy Oreos that are Gluten Free?

They can now be found wherever you find Oreo products or click Details for online options!

What are the ingredients in Certified GF Oreos?

Sugar, white rice flour, tapioca starch, palm oil, canola oil, whole oat flour, cornstarch, cocoa (processed with alkali), invert sugar, soy lecithin, baking soda, salt, xanthan gum, chocolate, artificial flavour.

Allergens: Contains soy.

Servings Per Container: About 11
Serving Size: 3 cookies (34g)

The classic combo of signature smooth cream sandwiched between two Oreo chocolate cookies, is now gluten free! Don’t forget to check out additional Gluten Free Cookies options featured on Gluten Free Journey!

2 reviews for Oreo Gluten Free Sandwich Cookies, 1 Pack 376g

  1. Glaflomo

    5 stars
    Better than expected!

  2. Anonymous

    5 stars
    Gluten free Oreos actually tastes good, unlike some gluten free items.

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