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How to be Gluten Free and Keep your Friends: Recipes & Tips

Supermarkets now stock gluten-free options, everyone – from restaurants to your gran – has at least heard of the term, and most importantly, you’ve never felt better.

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So why is it still so tricky to navigate life as a gluten free diner? From going out for dinner, to staying in with friends, it can be a challenge to cook, eat and socialise in a world of gluten eaters.

How to be Gluten Free and Keep Your Friends helps you to go about your life without compromises, excuses or apologies. Instead, you’ll be armed with 50 fresh, exciting and globally-inspired gluten-free recipes you can cook for yourself, your friends and your family (without hearing any complaints!), as well as tips, tricks and hacks for being a better more easygoing gluten-avoider.

Your options will open up, you’ll enjoy a whole new menu of food, and your friends… well, they’ll never have a bad word to say again!


About the Author

Anna Barnett has worked in events and celebrity booking for MTV and Channel 4 in the UK. She spent several years writing ‘The Reluctant Vegetarian’ blog for The Independent, writes the Grazia food pages, supplies recipes for Vogue, and contributes a weekly column to the Evening Standard online. She regularly hosts pop-up restaurants, collaborates with brands and caters private events.


What Others Share About This Book

Love this book! Great recipes and beautiful photos! I have yet to make something I haven’t liked. I leave this book out as decoration at times simply because it is beautifully laid out.

Love this book. Lots of options for vegan meals with meat-like umami.


Publisher – Quadrille Publishing
Publication date – Feb. 19 2019

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