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Gluten Free Pasta & Noodles

As a pasta lover, going gluten free can seem a bit more daunting than simply making a diet modification.

Whether you require a gluten free diet due to celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or personal choice, giving up isn’t necessary with the many gluten free pasta alternatives available. Avoiding traditional wheat flour is possible, bringing many of those beloved dishes back to your gluten free menu.

Brown Rice

Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta is one of the more popular gluten free pasta varieties available offering a mild flavour and chewy texture.

Compared to other gluten free pasta types, brown rice pasta provides a good source of fiber and high in important micronutrients such as magnesium, manganese and selenium.


One of the newer gluten free pasta options available is Chickpea Pasta. Being very similar to regular pasta, except with a subtle hint of chickpea flavour and a chewy texture.

Research has shown that chickpeas can improve bowel functionality, lower cholesterol levels and improve blood sugar control, and is high in protein and fiber.


Quinoa pasta is made from quinoa, blended with other grains such as rice and corn. Quinoa pasta offers a slightly grainy texture and a nutty flavour.

Quinoa is a popular whole grain rich in nutrients, mild flavour and extensive health benefits. Offering all nine essential amino acids, this is one of the few plant-based protein pasta available.

Gluten Free Pasta & Noodle Recipes

Once you’ve found the right gluten free texture that you enjoy, it is time to get in the kitchen and start creating delicious pasta recipes again!

The following are a great selection of Gluten Free Recipes for you and your family to enjoy.


Popular Gluten Free Pasta & Noodles

Gluten Free Pasta & Noodle Options

It is time to find the perfect gluten free noodle options for all your gluten free recipes.

There is a great selection of gluten free noodles available from many major brands including Barilla, Great Valu & Catelli.

Popular Gluten Free Brands

As popularity continues to grow, so will the selection of gluten free brands. Many popular brands are hearing the outcry from Celiacs and are finding solutions to provide gluten free, celiac friendly alternatives. 

The following is a selection of some of the more popular gluten free brands within North America.

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Below we highlight ALL the various gluten free options we’ve found across the globe.