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Bring Gluten-free Kraft Dinner to Canada – Petition for Celiacs

Help bring Kraft’s delicious gluten-free Kraft “Macaroni & Cheese” to Canada. (As gluten-free Kraft Dinner, of course!)

Kraft Dinner is a Canadian tradition! It’s the unofficial official food of Canada. According to Wikipedia, Canadians eat 55% more KD than Americans and it’s the most popular grocery item in the country.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who don’t—or can’t eat gluten. For many of us, it’s a lifelong dietary restriction… not a trend. (Hi from the celiac disease community!)

You want lifelong repeat customers? We celiac/gluten-free people are ready and waiting.


If you want to see Gluten-free Kraft Dinner in Canada:

  • Sign your name to this petition!
  • Share the petition on social media! #glutenfreeKDpetition
  • Optional: Run down the street dressed as a noodle screaming “GLUTEN-FREE KD!”

Let’s show Kraft what the gluten-free community is made of… cheese powder and noodles!

Huge shout out to Robyn’s Gluten Free Baking Courses for igniting this petition and bringing it to the attention of Canadian Celiac’s coast to coast.

Have you signed the petition yet? Bring GF KD to Canada

*Reminder - We are not health professionals. We are just individuals like you wanting to learn about Celiac Disease and sharing our research.