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Help Raise Celiac Disease Awareness

May is Celiac Awareness Month!

Help spread awareness about this serious genetic autoimmune disease with Gluten Free Journey!

Every May, thousands globally combine efforts coast to coast, sea to sea, to educate others about Celiac Disease, Dermatitis Herpetiformis, and the gluten free diet.

By raising the profile of celiac disease, we are able to reach people who haven’t been diagnosed, as well as educate the public about gluten free eating and celiac disease.

Celiac Disease research CAN’T wait.

During these uncertain times, celiac disease patients are united in sharing messages of solidarity, health and, most importantly, hope.

We hope for future treatments and a cure. We hope for a future where we can live and eat without fear. We hope for a day when the uncertainties of today are far behind us.

Celiac disease research can’t wait. Help make a difference!

Help continue the work that goes into helping people with celiac disease live better & longer, until doctors can find a cure. 

You can make a difference. Your donation will help thousands living with Celiac Disease regain power over the disease, their bodies and their lives.

Donate to your local Celiac Disease Associations today!

Celiac Awareness Month Events

We’re working to end the stigma and misinformation surrounding Celiac Disease while empowering our Celiac community. We’re here to raise YOUR voice! 

Submit your Celiac Awareness Month Events and have your Celiac Disease Awareness Event featured on Gluten Free Journey Facebook!

Sonia’s Celiac Disease Journey

Sonia felt like a human science experiment. She saw every doctor you could meet until finally one tested her for celiac disease. Watch her emotional journey from the unknown to diagnosis.

Visit CouldItBeCeliac.ca to learn more and take the Celiac symptom checklist.