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Chicago Cutlery® Woodworks 12” x 16” Bamboo Cutting Board


Environmentally-friendly bamboo board is a contemporary choice for smaller jobs

Product Details

Super-tough, quick-growing bamboo provides a durable, knife-saving space for kitchen chopping tasks and is environmentally friendly, too. Use the grooved side to cut juicy meat, then flip it over to cut veggies or bread or to serve up a snack.

  • Easy-to-clean, environmentally-friendly bamboo
  • No-mess groove to catch juices
  • Reversible: use one side for meats and the other for fruits and vegetables
  • Won’t dull knives
  • Hand washing recommended

Dimensions – 16” wide x 12” deep

Weight – 3lb 8.20z

Chicago Cutlery Cutting Boards Use & Care

Hand wash with hot soapy water.
For tougher jobs, sprinkle salt on ½ of a lemon and use as a scouring pad.
Hand washing is recommended.

CHICAGO CUTLERY cutting boards are reversible to reduce possible food contamination. Use one side for meats and the other side for fruits and vegetables.

Protect counters, use as a serving board, and transport food from cutting to cooking.

The Polyworks™ cutting boards are dishwasher safe

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