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Patience Fruit & Co

Slower Berries. Better Berries. At Patience Fruit & Co. they believe that doing things right is better than rushing through them. This is why they tend to their berries every step of the way – personally planting them, caring for them, harvesting them and preparing them.

Patience is a virtue.

Welcome to Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, a little patch of nature in Quebec, home to 700 people, and millions of cranberries.

These little berries thrive in the sand and acidic soil that make up much of Centre-du-Quebec and the land surrounding the village less rich land that is often overlooked by traditional agriculture, but on which both their berries and their people flourish.

When you choose Patience Fruit & Co, you always know you’re getting the juiciest, most tender berries on the market. Their ruby-red organic fresh cranberries are available from late September to late December, and can be enjoyed in all kinds of delicious ways.

Gluten Free, Organic Dried Fruits

Patience Fruit & Co dried fruit line goes the extra mile, using larger berries that have been delicately dried to preserve their incredible flavour.

This unique process creates the plumpest, most tender cranberries on the market: they’re a pleasure to make, and a joy to eat.

Explore their gluten free dried fruits online and get to know the entire line of snacking-friendly items.

Organic Cranberries with No Added Sugar

Patience Fruit & Co organic dried sliced cranberries with no sugar added are truly innovative — unique in the marketplace.

Slightly tart, they have just 2g of sugar per 40g serving, naturally derived from fruit, for that soft texture everyone loves.

Organic Whole Wild Blueberries Sweetened with Apple Juice

Patience Fruit & Co’s Canadian wild dried blueberries are simply delicious and nutritious!

They dry them slowly to preserve their soft texture and ensure that they burst with bright flavor. They’re certain to be an irresistible addition to your breakfasts and snacks!

Organic Whole Fruit Blend Sweetened with Apple Juice

You won’t be able to resist the incredible explosion of flavours and the juicy texture in Patience Fruit & Co’s exclusive blend of whole berries and cherries.

Organic Dried Sliced Cranberries Sweetened with Apple Juice

These cranberries are distinctly juicy, soft, and flavourful.

Organic Whole Dried Cranberries Sweetened with Apple Juice

Whole & Juicy Dried Cranberries offers you the juiciest, most tender cranberries possible.

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