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Discover Gluten Free Bread

Figuring out which is the best and which is the worst can be costly for many of us, but we’ve done our due diligence to help ease your wallets, and compiled all the information you need about the best gluten free bread brands, and the different types of gluten free alternatives you love.

What is the Best Gluten Free Bread Brand?

Every Celiac will have their own preference when it comes to what the best gluten free bread is. Finding which breads are gluten free and then which gluten free bread types are good is two different tasks.

Ready to buy gluten free bread for your household? You can find a wide variety of different gluten free breads at your local grocery store, online or gluten free bakeries.

One of the most daunting issues with Celiac Disease is figuring out what is the best gluten free bread that we can safely eat. In the last decade alone, the selection and availability of breads without gluten has grown tenfold globally.

There are many alternatives that are gluten free. The following are some of the most popular bread for Celiacs and where to buy!

Try These Gluten Free Recipes at Home!

Feeling up to the challenge to make gluten free recipes at home from scratch? We salute you, and share a selection of popular gluten free bread inspired recipe alternatives below!

What Types of Gluten Free Alternatives are Available?

The selection from gluten free brands continues to grow each year, with many brands offering more than just the typical sandwich options and providing a wide array of shapes, sizes and textures.

Some traditional options include:

Find a great selection of gluten free alternatives online with Well.ca and have fresh gluten free delivered right to your home!

What gluten free bread is closest to traditional sliced white bread?

Dreaming of creating a gluten free sandwich that offers that classic taste and texture?

We recommed the popular, very soft and full of flavour option, Little Northern Bakehouse’s White Wide Slice Gluten Free Bread. This gluten free white wide loaf is great for sandwiches, even without toasting first!

Does sourdough bread have gluten?

Yes, sourdough & rye do have gluten and are not considered gluten free.

Wheat, barley and rye are all unsafe for Celiacs. Watch labeling on “organic/health conscious” options labeled wheat free, they are commonly not GLUTEN free and may have hidden gluten.

Gluten free alternatives typically use four main starches in their stead, cornstarch, potato flour, rice flour, and tapioca starch.

For most gluten free brands, the list of ingredients is going to be longer than anticipated. Many having more than 30 ingredients, some very unfamiliar ones.

Gluten is a large part of what makes the look and taste the way it does, recreating this with gluten free ingredients made from rice, potato or corn is not the easiest.