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Sleek Treat: Low Carb Subscription Box

Discover Sleek Treat’s monthly surprise. Managing your diet to lose weight, control your diabetes or just want to eat less added sugar and live healthy? Each box is curated with the newest, most innovative, highest quality and best tasting low carb, gluten-free treats.

Prices starting at $14.99 – varies dependent on subscription box selected.



Sleek Treat Subscription Boxes focus on Natural, Gluten-Free and healthier junk-free alternatives.

  • 5-8 items each month
  • Includes card with serving size and nutrition info
  • Keto, Diabetes, LCHF, Weight loss & Healthy Diet Friendly
  • Cold shipped option available (frozen before shipping)
  • Free shipping!

Sleek Treat Signature is a monthly subscription of (typically 7-9) confections including specially curated chocolate bars, cookies and candies made with natural sugar substitutes. Try sweet No Added Sugar snacking alternatives.

Your Sleek Treat Cold Shipped monthly subscription box will be frozen before shipping, specially wrapped with insulated bubble wrap and cold packs to keep it cool. Not recommended if local temperature is over 86°F.

You’ll receive the same snacks as Signature Subscription of chocolates, cookies, cakes and more sweetened with natural sugar substitutes.

Curation focuses on No Added Sugar, Gluten-Free and healthier junk-free alternatives

Sleek Treat Mini delivers 3-5 Low Carb, No Added Sugar and Gluten-Free Snacks directly to your door, all shipped in an adorable printed bag!

Sleek Treat Mini is perfect for testing out subscription box services and discovering new favorites on a budget!

Product Overview

  • Boxes ship around the 20th of each month.
  • New orders will be shipped out within 1-5 Business Days (weather permitting)
  • Only ships within United States


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