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Gluten Free Masters

Make sure your favourite celiacs have healthy, delicious snacks on hand every month with Gluten Free Masters Subscription Snack Box! Perfect as a care package for celiac students.



Gluten Free Masters Monthly Subscription Snack Boxes

Make sure your gluten sensitive or celiac disease friends and family have healthy, delicious snacks handy every month! Ship it to your office co-workers!

  • 20+ Premium Gluten Free snacks and bars
  • Guaranteed Gluten Free
  • Many Organic and non-GMO products
  • No bland rice patties allowed 🙂


New gluten free items every month! Take advantage of 6 or 12 month subscription discounts. We encourage you to request your favourites!


Searching for additional Gluten Free Subscription Boxes? Watch for our ever growing selection available in our Gluten Free Shop!


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